यानि, पीले पत्ते शाखों से बेजान होकर झड़ पड़े हैं...
लौट आये हैं धरती पर वापस अपने अस्तित्व को माटी में
समाहित करने ...पर कोंपलें झूम रहीं अभी तरु-शिखाओं पर अपने
हश्र से बेख़बर उसे क्या पता कि जड़ें पाताल के अंधेरे में किस तरह लड़ रहीं ,
मर रहीं, सड़ रहीं, फिर भी धरती का सत्व-जल सोख दिन-रात उसे सींच रहीं, और बचा रहीं
पूरे जंगल का वजूद !
***लोकचेतना का गद्य-साहित्य और जन-बातों का अनवरत विचार-प्रवाह***

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  New Dimensions to Blog 'patjhad'- [The fall of leaves] - Sushil Kumar.

>> Thursday, September 3, 2009

Actually this blog has been created about eight months ago . Many have visited since then and responded admirably.Yet I have always thinking that this net magazine should be in the form to be with attractive qualities and technically be made accessible to readers :-

The main theme is to create such a blog Where readers have to come with positive responses and stay for a while and get satisfied. But I do not know, to what extent I became successful in that mission? So much better readers themselves will decide. Still the salient features are as follows -

1) The images have black and white characters.

2) In the Link - Bar a coloumn named under head " My English Column name" would be available on regular basis for the readers of English language where they will get the translated or original content of valueable discipline or subjects.

3)This magazine has only one Sidebar ( because it's not the commercial one) in which several useful Widgets are tagged, for example, on top- a Flash - Label. The post label written in Roman is visible on its screen and you just take the mouse-pointer to screen, the flashed label would begin to move.

4) There are two more labels in the side bar. All important labels are clubbed in the Box Label whereas all other label appeared in the drop - down button placed there, you see.

5) You can go through the updated post by Feed also. If desired, it can be read by email but for it, you have to put your email id in the corresponding "feed burner box".

6) In addition to the above, the latest comments for the relative posts has been made available in sidebar for your convenience. A new translation tool by Google is seen here in form of varios flags intead of languages attributes, but when the curser is taken there , that flag is blurred and if clicked here, the translation tool appears in a new window automatically.

7) Besides, almost the names of forty renowned Hindi Sites has been linked in an another Drop Down Buttun, you can visit there also.
                  This is not the whole feature and ultimate things made available for you, you will find many more if You watch it attentively. But to error is human. I do not claim that it is fullproof. May be there some flaw, you are requested to let me notice all about it. I welcome your suggestions if any. Thanks. Have a nice day.- .

-sushil Kumar


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